Ancestry of Jean Ross (Raso) Martino

This is the ancestry of my mother Jean Ross (Raso) Martino. Her ancestrs came from Conflenti and Sambiase in Calbria Italy. Related Families: Butera, Mete, Raso (Sambiase), Raso (Conflenti), Rocco, Strangy, Talarico by Carmen Martino

gennaro caterina map of cambria
Gennaro Raso came from Conflenti in 1890. Caterina Raso came from Sambiase in 1911. Both of the towns they came from is in Calabria along the western coast of Italy about 75 miles north of Scily.
Gen 3 Gennaro Raso2 Catherine/Caterina Raso2
Birth 14 Jan 1866
10 Mar 1866 (B)
Conflenti Calabria Italy
Santa Nicola Church
11 Aug 1880 Sambiase Calabria Italy
Death 27 Sep 1923 Pottsville, PA  2 Apr 1923 Pottsville, PA
Cause Fracture of the neck
child birth
Buried St. Joseph Cem Hillside Dr. Pottsville, PA St. Joseph Cem Pottsville, PA
Parents Seraphin Raso Giovanna Talarico Giovanni Raso Rachele Mete
Occupation P.&R.R.C. engineer

Marriage 2 Sep 1911 Pottsville, PA G. De Stefano minister
by 1st husband m. 5 Jun 1905 Sambaise Italy Francesco Allegro (lived in elda Gabella Matacca) son of Siquoto Allegro & Peppuia Allegro

by 2nd husband Gennaro Raso

marriage certificate
Marriage certificate of Gennaro and Catherine
gennaro's citzenship He was naturalized in the US Court of Common Pleas 2 Apr 1904. (testimony James J. Gerafroli) signed by Samuel H. Gore.
Gennaro could not sign his name but made a mark.

Gennaro returned to Italy after his wife's death to sell his tuna business and returned with the money. He returned 19 Sep 1923 on the Giulio Cesare and died 8 days later. The family story is he was killed for the money.  He died falling down the steps at 5:30 AM.

Catherine died in childbirth.

  ross wedding
The wedding of Jimmy and Helen which includes the other Raso siblings.


  • 1904-20 Mt. Carbon
  • 1923 135 Cadbury St.  

135 Cadbury St. Palo Alto. 

They lived in the back part of the house (actually 2 houses in one. This was the place that Gennaro 'fell' down the stairs and died.

cadbury st
grave grave