Catherine Raso (Ross) Family Tree of Sambiase and Conflenti Italy

This is the ancestry Catherine Raso. She was born in Sambiase, Calabria, Italy. Includes Families: Butera, Mete, Raso, Strangy from Conflenti as well.

caterina raso


Catherine (Catrina) came from Sambiase. She would eventually marry a man from Conflenti in the US. cambria map

All family name meanings come from Dictionary of American Family Names at


This is the only town of my granparents which was large and spreading in a flat area. It is near the sea.

The old church.
Matacca is a tiny group of homes north of Simbiase (on a hill) mentioned in the marriage license of Catrina and her first husband Frnacesco Allegro.


The town square is where men gather at night for a social time. Woman are rare.

new rocelle Caterina and little John came to the US on the ship Hamburg, arriving in New York Ellis Island 27 Jun 1911. The family story was she was looking for her first husband John Allegro but she listed her husband as dead in the ship manifest. She remarried 3 months later.

The Hamburg was built 1900. In 1914 it was used in US Red Cross service and as a US troopship. It was scrapped in the US in 1928.



Butera Name Meaning: Southern Italian (Sicily): habitational name from a place named Butera, in Caltanisetta, Sicily.

Gen 8 Guiseppe Butera Fanstina Villela or della Vescio


Gen 7 Nicola Mete Anna Calabria
Birth   ca 1750  
Death   2 Apr 1840 Conflenti
Parents Dominco Calabria Caca Perri
Gen 6 Francesco Antonio Mete Rosaria Raso
Birth ca 1785
Death 21 Feb 1811 Conflenti after 1835
Parents Nicola Mete Anna Calabria
Gen 5 Pasquale Nicola Mete 2 Caterina Strangis
Birth ca 1807 Conflenti 5 April 1810 Conflenti
Death 8 Oct 1857
Parents Francesco Antonio Mete Rosaria Raso Felice Strangis Agata Isabella
Occupation Laboror

Marriage 18 Jan 1835 Conflenti m. 1st 1825 at age 14 to Francesco Camino

Raso 1

Raso Name Meaning: Italian and Spanish: nickname for someone with close-cropped hair, from raso ‘level’, ‘smooth’, ‘bare’; alternatively, the Italian name may correspond to the past participle rasato, meaning ‘shaven’. Raso also means ‘satin’, and in some cases the name may have arisen from this sense of the word.

Gen 6 Francesco Raso Maria Strangis
Birth ca 1765 Conflenti ca 1773 Conflenti
Death 15 Jan 1845 Sambiase 17 Sep 1833 Sambiase
Parents Tomaso Raso Guiseppa Vescio

Francesco Strangis

Carmina Mete
Gen 5 Gennaro Raso Mariangela Raso
Birth ca 1802   ca 1796 Conflenti
Death 15 Nov 1848 Sambiase 12 Oct 1844 Sambiase
Parents Francesco Maria Strangis

Dominico Raso

Anna Palermo
Occupation Laboror     Spinner
Gen 4 Giovanni Raso Rachele Mete 3
Birth 31 May 1829 Sambiase Calabria Italy 13 Mar 1843 Sambiase Calabria Italy
Death by 1905   by 1905  
Parents Gennaro Raso Mariangela Raso

Pasquale Nicola Mete

Caterina Strangis
Occupation Laboror

Marriage 21 Apr 1876 Sambiase    

m. 30 Dec 1851 Teresa Raso (daughter of Antonio Raso & Mastiorianna Raso)

m. 19 Mar 1869 Rosario Mete

m. 21 Apr 1876 Rachele Mete


Raso 2

Gen 7 Bruno Raso Giovanna Butera
Birth     ca 1750  
Death by 1813   25 Dec 1813  
Parents     Guiseppe Butera Fanstina Villela
Gen 6 Dominico Raso Anna Palermo
Birth ca 1772 Conflenti ca 1775 Conflenti
Death 10 May 1845 Sambiase 17 Dec 1845 Sambiase
Parents Bruno Raso Giovanna Butera Paola Palermo Flavia Sacco

A Francesco Palemo m. Flavia Sacco with child Guiseppe Palarmo b. ca 1770 d. 1840 Sambiase m. Maria Raso. Could Fancesco and Paola be brothers both marrying Flavia Sacco?


Gen 7 Francesco Strangy Carmina Mete
Birth 1747
Death ? 1817-19 18 - 1829
Parents Antonio Strangy Maryariva Raso

Gen 6 Felice Strangy Agata Isabella
Birth ca 1779 Conflenti ca 1774  
Death 9 Nov 1829 Sambiase 11 Apr 1852  
Parents Francesco Strangy Carmina Mete

Felice Isabella

Francesina Raso