Gennaro Raso (Ross) Family Tree of Conflenti Italy

This is the ancestry of Gennaro Raso.He was born in Cenflenti, Calabria, Italy. Includes families: Raso, Rocco, Talarico

gennaro raso Gennaro came from Conflenti. He would eventually marry a woman from Sambiase in the US . calbria map

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The smaller church where the records exist of Gennaro's family.

The entrance to the town



The main church is being beatifully restored.

bag pipes Gennaro played the bagpipes. They were made by Leo Mete's uncle in Italy. This is Leo's father and other family members but you can see what Italian bagpipes look like.
Gennaro arrived in NY from Naples on May. 13, 1890. He was age 24 with last residence Nicastro (not far from Sambiase and Conflenti).  The ship was the Letimbro.

He took another trip to Italy in 1923 and returned on the Giulio Cesare (photo right) 8 days before he died.




Raso Name Meaning: Italian and Spanish: nickname for someone with close-cropped hair, from raso ‘level’, ‘smooth’, ‘bare’; alternatively, the Italian name may correspond to the past participle rasato, meaning ‘shaven’. Raso also means ‘satin’, and in some cases the name may have arisen from this sense of the word.

Gen 6 Serafino Raso Rosaria Strangis
Birth ca 1755 Conflenti    
Death 29 May 1825 Conflenti 6 Mar/May 1806  
Occupation mason

Parents Nicola Raso d. by 1825 Mariangela Villila d. by 1825  
Gen 5 Fortunato Pasquale Raso Angela Teresa Rocca
Birth 10 Jan 1787 Conflenti 10 Aug 1793  
Death 15 Sep 1826 Conflenti    
Occupation mason

Parents Serafino Raso Rosaria Strangis Saverio Rocca Serafina Stanges
Marriage Jun 1816 Conflenti    
Gen 4 Serafino Antonio Raso Giovanna Talarico
Birth 9 Aug 1819 Conflenti 13 Nov 1822 Conflenti
Parents Fortunato Pasquale Raso Angela Teresa Rocca Santo Talarico Francesca Strangis

Marriage 24 Jun 1845 Conflenti Sottano    

Note: Gennaro and Giovanni records found in the church baptism records not civil registration



Rocco Name Meaning: Italian: from the Germanic personal name Rocco, which was borne by a 14th-century saint from Montpellier remembered for his miraculous healings during an outbreak of the plague in northern Italy. The etymology of the name is uncertain (see Roch).

Gen 6 Savario Rocco Serafina Strangis
Birth     ca 1769  
Death 11 Oct 1804 Conflenti after 1816  


Talarico Name Meaning: Italian: of uncertain origin; probably from the Germanic personal name Athalaric ‘noble power’.

Gen 6 Tommaso Talarico Maria Villella
Birth ca 1750      
Death 26 Apr 1812 Conflenti    
Parents Francesco Talarico Mareta Aubino

Occupation farm laboror    
Gen 5 Santo Talarico Francesca Stranges
Birth ca 1780 Conflenti ca 1782  
Death 29 Mar 1830 Conflenti 3 Apr 1862 Conflenti
Parents Tommaso Talarico Maria Villella
Antonio Stranges
Giulia Mete
Occupation farm laboror   spinner