My Military and Regious Ancestors

These include direct ancestors but also close family members like siblings and cousins

Military History

Milirary Event

Paternal Side: Williams, Brown, Hunt, Kinney, Torrey, Chase,

Maternal Side: McMinn, Rice, Eherton, Blankenship, Hix, Hull. Conner, Hutchings, Kuykendall


  • William Ferrers 1st Lord Ferrers of Groby: Scottish Marches, Battle of Falkirk on 22 July 1298, Siege of Caerlaverock

1320 to 1330s

  • Henry Ferrers 2nd Lord Ferrers of Groby: Active during the reigns of Edward II abd Edward III. Fought in Frace

Hundred Years' War 1337–1453

  • William Ferrers 3th Lord Ferrers of Groby: accompanied the Black Prince to Gascony in 1355. fought at the Battle of Crecy in 1355[citation needed], at Poitiers the following year, and was with Henry of Grosmont, 1st Duke of Lancaster in the 1359–60 Reims campaign. Ferrers last served in France in 1369 again with Lancaster, raiding Picardy and Caux that July.
  • Henry Ferrers 4th Lord Ferrers of Groby: He was a professional soldier . In 1380 he accompanied Thomas of Woodstock, Earl of Buckingham, on his unsuccessful military expedition to Brittany. He was co-heir in 1382 to his uncle, William de Ufford, K.G., 2nd Earl of Suffolk. In 1385 he accompanied King Richard II in his invasion of Scotland, being in the main body with the King.

Pequoin Indian Massacre 1643

  • Pelham Bay, Long Island, NY Settlers were attacked by the Indians. Richard Maxson and his son Richard landed at Throggs Neck, New York to get food and supplies for those marooned in the boat and were massacred by Indians.

early mid 1600s

  • Sergeant Francis Nichols Oct 1639 the Connecticut General Court placed him in charge of military affairs. He was a Sergeant of the Stratford Trainband.
  • William Chase Jr enlisted 1645 as drummer in the expedition against the Narragansetts.
  • Jacob Luursen Van Kuykendall was a corporal in the military at Fort Amsterdam.
  • Captain Thomas Osborne was appointed captain 1622 after Indian raid
  • Samuel Almond was reported to have been massacred by the Indians in the Third Anglo-Powhatan War Masacure of 1644 during which it is reported that there 500 individuals who died.

late 1600s

  • Capt James Avery Ensign 1662. Lieut New London Trainband May 1665. He was a captain in the colonial militia. In the Great Swamp Fight, a battle at Kingston, Rhode Island on December 19, 1675. Avery served as a captain in 1676. He also served as captain of one of four companies which protected the frontier.
  • Thomas Minor was appointed chief military officer of the Mystic Train band in Jul 1665.
  • Richard and Thomas Perrin listed to provide horses for militia duty in Henrico County in 1679

King Philip's War 1675–1678

A New England 0nly war with an indian called king Philip.

  • Josiah Bridges was a trumpeter in King Philip's War 1675 in Major Samuel Appleton's company
  • Robert Millard served at the Falls Fight under Capt. William Turner and contributed equipment and provisions
  • Ralph Earle Jr marched the wife and son of King Philip with other Indians to Plymouth. They were sold in slavery to the Spaniards.
  • Pequot War in 1675, Daniel Butler was required to serve in the militia. As a Quaker he could not do so, and was fined £8 as a “deliquent soldier” 10 Mar 1675/6.
  • Capt. George Denison Dec 19, 1675, in the great swamp fight. In 1676 George was in command of forces, raised by him as Provo- Marshal. They pursued the remaining Narragansett and Wampanaug Indians, and defeated them and capturing the Indian Chief Canonchet.
  • Sergeant John Frink served and obtained land for his service.
  • Thomas Minor served as a Lieut. His son Ephraim also served
  • Robert Robbins signed up 24 Jul 1676 and served under Capt. John Cutler at Hassanamesit, now Grafton, Massachusetts.


  • Peter Harrelson was a captain in Danish Army

French Indian Wars 1754–1763 (also known internationally as the 7 Year War)

  • William Torrey served in Cap Fitch militia Aug 1757 for the relief of Fort William Henry
  • Joseph Richardson: 5 Dec 1758 muster roll 11th Company Capt Joshua Baker in 2nd regiment by Colonel Nathan Whiting with John Wise 8th Company Cap Azel Fitch (13 Apr 1761 to 4 Dec 1761

mid 1700s

  • Abraham Kuykendall was listed as a corporal in Capt. Samuel Corbin’s list of men during 1747-48 when there was the so-called “Spanish Alarm.”
  • Zebedee Hull,, Eli J Hutching, Alexander Hutchings , Abner S Rice served in the Black Hawk War.1732 Alexander Hutchings died Battle of the Bad Axe (Black Hawk War) TN


Revolutionary War 1776-1783 & post years militia


  • John Torrey fought at Bunker Hill. Capt James Clark's Company 3rd CT Regiment (15 May 1775 - 20 Nov 1775) and Capt Ephraim Carpenter Company Hosford's CT Regiment (1776)
  • Thomas Barr commissioned as 3rd Lt. in Capt. Roman's PA Artillery, promoted to Captain-Lieutenant in Major Stevens' corps. On duty Jan 17, 1779.
  • James McKnight killed by Indians 1779
  • Roswell Richardson served
  • Samuel Mosher served in the Revolutionary War in the Duchess Co. 6th Regiment. He received land bounty rights
  • David Brown served 3 years in hte regular army in NY as was a Sargent. His brother also served.


  • Matterson/Madison Hunt. He was a loyalist who served in the Militia as a refuge in the siege of Charleton SC and St. Augustine Fl. He obtained land in Nova Scotia a a refugee.
  • Samuel Kenny/Kinney spent the greater part of the war in Captain Coggeshall Olney's Light Infantry Company of the 2nd Rhode Island Regiment of the Continental Line, fighting for George Washington. He enlisted in that corps on 1 July 1777 and deserted from them on 4 September 1780 while in English Neighborhood, Bergen County,
  • Johan Georg Claus served in Butler's Rangers 1780 to 1783 in NY. Injoured and recieved land in Ontario Canadafor service.
  • Maximilian Conner served in Rev. War 1779-1781 (Black Sticks, siege of Augusta GA and Eutaw Springs) Militia In 1793 he spent a year patrolling the banks of the Tugaloo River in the Gum Log District of Georgia. Served in the Georgia militia 1793 John, Uriah, and Max Conner served under Roebuck in Rev War at different times
  • Robert Bishop killed in Indian attack
  • Rachel Bishop's husband killed by Tories.
  • Gladman's signed Oath of Alligence
  • Family tradition says that Benjamin Hull served in the Revolutionary War bit no evidene.
  • Thomas Stockstill 7 Aug 1778 Oath of Alligence
  • Nathan Byars served several tours and recieved a pension
  • Abraham Kuykendall was commissioned as a captain in the Tryon Militia during the Revolutionary War & member of the Committee of Safety
  • Robert McMinn served in Capt McKinney's company
  • 1775 Feb 1778 Oath of Allegiance aginst King George in Capt Colclough's group - William Durahm and many others
  • Walter Nunnally gave Rev War support
  • Thomas Bandy served in the Rev War
  • William B Rice Served and got a pension
  • Rice James, Thomes - Justice in the US during Rev Gave aid Thomas, John, James
  • Zephaniah Rice in militia 1807
  • Rev David Rice served as a chaplain and orator to the Hanover militia.
  • Womack Blankenship served

War of 1812 -1815


  • Orange Torry, Orang Torrey was with Worthy L. Churchill's Regt 1813/1814 New York Vols War of 1812 & Churchill's Regt New York Militia War of 1812.. He served at least 20 Dec 1813 to 5 Jan 1814 for 17 days.
  • Roswell Richardson joined REG'T (BRAINERD'S) CONNECTICUT MILITIA
  • Wing Chase Jr and Jacob Chase did not fight in the war of 1812 on the grounds they were Quakers.

Loyalists :

  • Johan Georg Claus served in the Lincoln 4th Lincoln Regiment as quartermaster. His son Nicholas served as a regular enlisted man under Robert Nelles 1814/5.
  • Richard Hull served Battalion of Volunteer Mounted Gunmen September 1814 - March 1815 Major William Russell
  • Jesse & William McMinn, Joseph Brandon. James Kurkendall, John Gentry, 1 Reg't Metcalfe's) W. TN Militia - from Franklin County James McMinn 2 Reg't Mounted Gunmen (Williameon's) Tennessee Volunteers. - Bedford
  • John N Blankenship 7 Regt (Gray's) Virginia Militia
  • Perrin Bandy Corporal in the TN volunteer Mounted Gunman/ Brothers also serve Jameson, Epperson, Richard & Solomon
  • Boley Conner served in militia

Mexican War
1846 to 1848

  • Westley W Hutchings, Richard Hutchings

Civil War 1861-1865

  • Alonzo Etherton joined the army 1 Aug 1862. Wounded and died at Vicksburg MS 30 May 1863.
  • Harriet Caroline Rice Thaxton's 1st husband died in civil war
  • Melissa Etherton McCollum's husband served
  • Confucius Hull served
  • John Zachariah Hudgens probably served


  • Rev John B McMinn served in France as minister to the troops.


Maurice and Mack Williams had active service in WII. Both in Africa and Italy. Maurice in D-Day and Battle of the Bulge
  • John and Randall McMinn served


Religious History

Religious Event/Period

Paternal Side: Williams & Brown

Maternal Side: McMinn and Rice

1400 to1700s

  • Bayntons, Batts, Blakes Anglican


  • Harkes Garbrand: When England was forcibly returned to Catholicism after 1553 and Protestants came under persecution, the cellar under his shop was used as a meeting place for Protestants to worship.
  • William Wilson 1583 became canon of Windsor,and is buried zt St. George Chapel Windsor Castle
  • Rev Henry Dillingham: Rector of Cotesbach, Leicestershire, 1581 & rector St Mary's Church Cotesbach Leicestershire 1601-1625

1600 and 1700s

  • Clauses, Wildermuht, Goetz, and Helmsdörffer families in Germany were in a Protestant Reformation church known today as Luther
  • Although Edward Dillingham was not a Quaker, he objected to the persecutions. He was arrested and admonished for showing sympathy. His son Henry was a Quaker & suffered through the Quaker persecutions.
  • Deacon John Done was active in the church. He became a deacon and on 2 January 1633/4 of Plymouth Church, was probably a Separatist, for church membership and Separatism went hand in hand
  • Kuykensdals: Reformed Dutch Church
  • Estes: Anglican
  • Rice: Anglican


  • Jonathan Bosworth was a Congrgational but his son was in the Antibaptist group which caused estrangement in the family.
  • Thomas Hooker was a refuge in Holland for 3 years and after immigrating to the US was a famous puritan preacher in CT. He was selected pastor of the church at Newtown (now Cambridge), Massachusetts. He is thus attributed as being the first minister of the First Parish in Cambridge.
  • Puritians: Motts, Palmer
  • Rev Henry Leland puritan preacher
  • Rev JohnnWilson was a famous puritan preacher who helped form the 1st church of Boston. He was one of the ministers who assented to the hanging of Quaker misisonaries for their religious beliefs. He participated in the deaths of Marmaduke Stevenson and William Robinson in 1659, and later Mary Dyer in 1660.
  • Rev JohnnWilson Jr was installed as the first Minister in the new town of Medfield, and ordained Pastor 12 October 1652
  • Rice: Anglican


  • Bridges, Minor, Throopes, Torreys, Vaughns Congregational
  • Elizabeth Sherman Gidley became a Quaker minister about 1740.
  • Zimmermans: German Lutherans
  • Hix: Anglicans

1600 to 1800s

  • Boremans, Butlers, Chases, Harpers, Giffords, Moshers, Motts, Slocums, Tuckers, Wings: Quakers
  • Philip Sherman was a religious dissenter and banished from MA for his support of Anne Hutchings. He moved to Rhode Island.

late 1600s

  • The First Baptist “Old Stone” Church in Tiverton was founded about 1680 by John Cooke. Rev Hugh Mosher was ordained as pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dartmouth in 1684 and served for about 19 years. Because it was illegal to be a Baptist in Plymouth Colony, worship services of the church were held in church members‘ homes.

1700 and 1800s

  • McKnights and Barrs Preseterian
  • Etherton, Kuykendall McMinns: Baptists
  • Rev David Rice Prespetian
  • Rev Rice Haggard Methodist
  • Rev David Haggard Methodist
  • Rev John Holt Rice Presbyterian
  • Rev James H Rice


  • Williams Baptist
  • Hunts Anglicans
  • Rev William H. Blankenship Freewill Baptist
  • Rev Thomas Osborne McMinn: Freewill and American Baptist (northern baptists)


  • Rev John B McMinn Freewill and American Baptist