Williams Family Ancestry

Genealogy Family Trees: Williams , Claus
Locations: Vassar Michigan, Bayham Elgin Canada

  Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents
Hiram Dean Williams Issac Williams
Lorenzo Williams Mary Claus
Mary Ellen Hunt Hezekiah Hunt
Maurice Williams Hannah Kinney
John Quincy Brown James Harvey Brown
Myrtle Mae Brown Christina Torrey
Ella (Mary Ann) Kramer Jacob Kramer

All family name meanings come from Dictionary of American Family Names at Ancestry.com

Hunt Family Photos This is a PDF document with Issac Williams Family Photos of Issac and Mary Claus Williams and their children except for Hiram (his are below).


Hunt Family Photos This is a PDF document with Hiram Williams Family Photos of Hiram and Mary Hunt Williams and their children except for Lorenzo (his are below).
Hunt Family Photos This is a PDF document with Hunt Family Photos of Mary Hunt Williams's brother James Madison Hunt and sons George and Alva.
Hunt Family Photos This is a PDF document with Wiliams Family Farmhouse Photos The Vassar/Junaita house was orginally built by Hiram Williams and expanded by Lorenzo Williams.


Hunt Family Photos This is a PDF document with Lorenzo Williams Family Photos of Lorenzo and Mrytle Brown Williams and their children
Brown Photos This is a PDF document with several pages of Brown Family Photos including Mrytle Brown Williams and her siblings and parents.


Hunt Family Photos This is a PDF document with Unknown Williams Family Photos Some are from Alymer and Tillisburg Canada and area in Michigan such as Mayville, Vassar, Port Huron and more.


Claus Family Tree

Claus Name Meaning: Variant spelling of German Klaus, which is from a popular personal name, a reduced form of Nikolaus (see Nicholas). This spelling is also found in Dutch. Occitan: topographic name for someone who lived by an enclosure of some sort, such as a courtyard or farmyard, from Late Latin clausum ‘enclosure’, ‘closed’, originally the past participle of claudere ‘to close’.


Williams Family Tree

Williams Name Meaning: English (also very common in Wales): patronymic from William.

Source: Birth, Death, Marriage, Deed, and Census Records
Gen 5 Issac Williams Mary Claus
Birth May 1802 NY 1805-6  
Death 19 Mar 1868 Bayham Elgin Co Ontario CAN 19 May 1879 Bayham Elgin Co Ontario CAN
Burial Claus family Cemetery 4th Concession Bayham CAN Claus family Cemetery 4th Concession Bayham CAN
Misc. Farmer Baptist Farmer's wife
Resided Comments Documents
Gen 4 Hiram Dean Williams Mary Ellen Hunt
Birth 17 Aug 1837 Middleton CAN 5 Dec 1840 Nova Scotia
Death 17 Jun 1919 Juanita, Tuscola Co, MI 28 Apr 1917 Juanita, Tuscola Co, MI
Burial Thyroid gland Fremont Cemetery, Mayville MI Chronic bronchitis Fremont Cemetery, Mayville MI
Parents Issac Williams Mary Claus Hezakiah Hunt Hannah Kinney
Misc. Farmer Methodist Farmer's wife
Marriage 31 Mar 1860 Baptist church Norfolk Co Ontario CAN Rev. Lewis H Smith Hannah Williams, Tryphena Hix





" HIRAM D. WILLIAMS. The farmer located on section 24, Vassar Township, Tuscola County, is he whose name appears above. He is a son of Isaac Williams, a native of New York, who went to Canada when fourteen years of age, and there spent the remainder of his life. He married Mary Claus, a native of the Dominion, and to them were born twelve children, eight sons and four daughters. He was always a farmer and socially an agitator. He died March 29, 1868, and his wife May 19, 1879.

Hiram D. Williams was born August 17, 1837, in Canada. He was reared in his native place and in his young manhood was married to Miss Mary Hunt, a daughter of Hezekiah Hunt, a native of Maine, who emigrated to Canada, and there married Hannah Kinney, a native of Nova Scotia. Mrs. Williams was one of nine children born to her parents, there being six daughters and three sons. Her father was a farmer by calling. In their church affiliations they were members of the Church of England.

To our subject and his wife seven children have been born. They are: Mary F., Margaret H. (deceased), Hannah E., Abigail J., Lorenzo H., Alice M., and Ernest L. Mr. Williams has always been interested in farming. He came to Michigan in 1875, and settled in Vassar Township on a farm of one hundred and ten acres. He now owns fifty-two acres. He has cleared his land and put upon it excellent improvements, having set out a fine orchard as well as built a good class of buildings upon his place. He was one of the first settlers in this part of the township. "

Gen 3 Lorenzo (Ren) Hiram Williams Myrtle Mae Brown
Birth 27 Mar 1871 Ontario CAN 9 Apr 1878 Grand Blanc T, Genesee Co, MI
Death 9 Aug 1947 Juanita Tuscola Co, MI 23 Oct 1958 Juanita Tuscola Co, MI
Burial Fremont Cemetery, Mayville MI Stroke Fremont Cemetery, Mayville MI
Parents Hiram Williams Mary Hunt John Brown Ella Kramer
Misc. Lumberjack Farmer Farmer's wife
Marriage 24 Nov 1897 Vassar


Gen 2 Maurice Ward Williams Leora Alice McMinn
Birth 11 Jul 1907 Juanita MI 11 Sep 1908 Honeycreek WI
Death 5 Jun 1975 Flint MI 10 Oct 2003 Thousand Palms CA
Burial Anorism Rich Cemetery, Mayville MI Rich Cemetery, Mayville MI
Parents Lorenzo Williams Myrtle Mae Brown John McMinn Mary Rice
Misc. Auto Worker Grade school Teacher B.A.
Marriage 14 Mar 1942 Parsonage, Mayville MI John McMinn