Ann Porter Perrin Will

Dated 6 Jan 1711

To eldest daughter Anne East, 100 acres on north side of James River on upper side of Samsons Slash, joining Capt. Webb and items. To daughter Elizabeth Alldy, rest of land at Samsons Slash, and livestock. To daughter Jean Bayley, 1/2 my lands on south side of James River at Long Swamp, a negro man Jupiter, and a gun. To daughter Martha Cardwell, the other half of land at Long Swamp, items and livestock. To my boy Roger Roberts, 1 cow calf. To William Bradshaw, items. Elizabeth Crostick to remain on plantation where she lives for 6 years and pay rent to Thomas Cardwell, JR after this year. To Charles Ballowe, 5 shillings. All the rest to be divided among my 4 daughters. Daughter Elizabeth Allday to be executrix. Dated 6 Jan 1711 Witness: Charles Ballowe, Thomas Bayley, Mary Hardin. Recorded 3 March 1711.