Dedication to Leora McMinn Williams

Leora McMinn Williams in her 90'su

This site is dedicated to my mother Leora Alice McMinn Williams. She lived until she was 95 and her life was filled with loving others and giving back to her community. She was very beloved.

A wonderful tribute to Leora was written to he by her granddaughter Tamara Williams when Tamara was quite young.

While living in a mobile home park in Thousand Palms, CA,. a local school asked for volunteers to help teachers. She volunteered and continued helping tutor children through her 80's and on into her early 90's. The awards she received are below including one from the California assembly. During this time, she was also honored as a teacher 50 years before in the 30s and 40s in the small town of Mayville, MI.


My mother had wonderful stories ranging from WW1 stories to her first teaching assignments. The following are some recordings she made shortly before her death. The volume does vary. I later found the book she had made notes in that were not recorded and I recorded some of those stories.

These are stories about her family.

She taught school (mostly second grade) until she became pregnant with my brother while my father served overseas during WW2. She went back to teaching while I was in collage but eventually stopped when my father retired and they traveled.

This is a class in Mayville where she was honored 50 years later. My mother is in the middle of the middle row.

Leora's class
Volunteer teacher Volunteer teacher Volunteer teacher