Etherton Family Photos

  Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents
Samuel Etherton Jr Samual Etherton
Samuel Tasker Etherton ?
Starting Point: Charlotte Conner Maximilian Conner
Sirrilda Escalana Etherton Phoebe Bishop
Richard Hull Benjamin Hull
Rebecca Hull Elizabeth Hutchison
Nancy Ann Stockstill Elisha Stockstill
Rachel Gladman


Gen 9 ?Henry Bishop ?Mary ?Glover
Birth 1700-5 Prince George Co VA
Death 1782
Parents John Bishop Sarah ?Harmon ?William Glover ?Mary Norwood

Children of ?Henry and ?Mary

Comments Land Records
Gen 8 Robert Bishop Elizabeth 
Birth ca 1740 ca 1740
Death 1778 - 1781 killed by Indians 6 Apr 1819(W)
Parents Henry Bishop Mary ? William Lewis ? Sarah Martin

Children of Robert and Elizabeth



Gen 8 ? Conner  
q` Comments


Culpepper/Caroline(Guiney Station)

North Carolina


Abbeville SC

Spartanburg Co, SC

Land: Old 96: Greenville, Spartanburg

None of the Conners listed in census of 1779

Newberry, SC

Pendleton, SC

Greene Co, TN

Franklin Co, GA

Huntsville AL

Gen 7 Maximilian Conner Phoebe Bishop
Birth 14 Oct 1762 Culpeper Co VA 1770
Death 27 Nov 1834 Greene/Cocke Co TN after 1841
Parents Robert Bishop Elizabeth
Misc. Farmer
Marriage 14 Nov 1788 Bowling Green, Spartanburg Co SC

Children of Maximilian and Phoebe

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Gen 7 Samuel Sr.
Birth 1748 Jamaica? VA?
Death 1832 Jackson Co IL
Misc. Farmer

Children of Samuel and ?



Virginia - Spotsylvania Culpeper




Gen 6 Samuel Etherton Jr. Charlotte Conner
Birth 13 May 1790 Cocke Co TN 14 Mar 1789 Spartanburg SC
Death 19 Apr 1846 Jackson Co IL 4 Dec 1863 Jackson Co IL
Burial family farm family farm
Parents Samuel Etherton Sr. Maximilian Conner Phoebe Bishop
Misc. Farmer
Marriage 13 Nov 1809 Cocke Co TN

Children of Samuel and Charlotte



Gen 5 Samuel Tasker Etherton 3rd Rebecca Hull
Birth 26 Sep 1811 Cocke Co TN 9 May 1809 TN
Death 7 Apr 1854 Perry Co IL 24 Sep 1877 Perry Co IL
Burial 9 Mile Baptist Cem Du Quoin Perry Co IL 9 Mile Baptist Cem Du Quoin Perry Co IL
Parents Samuel Etherton Jr. Charlotte Conner Richard Hull Nancy Ann Stockstill
Misc. Farmer Baptist Baptist
Marriage 1829 Jackson Co IL

Children of Samuel and Rebecca



Etherton Family Photos

Sirrilda Etherton Rice Family Photos

includes Maximilian Etherton


Gen ?Thomas Gladman

Somerset Co Maryland

Baltimore Co Maryland

Arundel Co Maryland


Gen 10 William Gosnell Sarah Hills
Birth ?27 Dec 1652 (B) ?Field Lane, St. Andrew, Holborn, London, England 
Death 11 May - 29 Jul 1709 Arundel Co MD
Parents ?Peter Gosnell ?Mary Sherly William Hills Elizabeth
Misc. Farmer

Children of William and Sarah

Gen 9 William Gosnell Elizabeth
Birth 1694
Death by 28 Aug 1762 (W) Baltimore Co MD
Parents William Gosnell Sarah Baker
Misc. Farmer

Children of William and Elizabeth


Gen 10 William Hills Elizabeth ?Headlow
Death by 18 Jan 1670 Anne Arundel Co 10 Aug 1703 - 20 Nov 1703 Anne Arundel Co

Children of William1 and Elizabeth

Not sure

Children of Elizabeth and Maurice Baker2 Comments


Gen 7 Benjamin Hull Sarah Hutchison
Birth 27 Aug 1740 ca 1749
Death 11 Oct 1832 Lincoln Co NC 2 or 20 Aug 1829 Lincoln Co NC
Burial Hull's Grove Cemetery Lincoln Co NC Hull's Grove Cemetery Lincoln Co NC
Misc. Farmer Farmer's wife

Children of Benjamin and Sarah

Graves of Benamin and Sarah Hull

Lincoln Co North Carolina


Graves of Benjamin and Sarah Hull

Gen 6 Richard Hull Nancy Ann Stockstill
Birth ca 1770-80 NC or NJ 1787 Baltimore MD
Death 30 Dec 1838 Perry Co IL 1879 Perry Co IL
Parents Benjamin Hull Sarah Hutchison Elisha Stockstill Rachel Gladman
Misc. Farmer
Marriage 24 Mar 1807 (1 Apr 1807 bond) Richmond Madison Co KY

Children of Richard and Nancy

Resided Comments


Stogsdell, Stockstill, Stoxdale, Stockdell, Stockdale
Be aware that much of this data from 1850 on comes from census data which is not proof.

Gen 10 Edward Stogsdill

Jean/Jane Boyce



Death 30 Jul 1710 (W) - 20 Jun 1716 (P) Somerset, MD
Buried Stockstill Cem Ellicott Hills
Howard County
Marriage 9 Aug 1693 Monokin, Somerset, MD by John Huett
Parents     William Boyce/ Boist/ Boyes/ Boyse/
Boys/ Boyss
Mary Delamus/DeLamas/Dillimas/Dillmus/Delmas

by Thomas Sewell

by Edward



Edward will 1740


Gen 8 Thomas Stockstill Sarah Hannah Gosnell
Birth 1715/6
Death 15 Jul 1797
Parents   William Gosnell Elizabeth

the following were in Lincoln Co


Gen 7 Elisha Stockstill Rachel Gladman
Parents Thomas Stockstill Sarah Gosnell

Children of Elisha and Rachel

Others possible children of Warnel, Zebediah, or Elisha. Resided