Photos of the Blankenship Family


Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents
John N Blankenship Gad Blankenship
William Harvey Blankenship Sarah ?Nunnally
Starting Point: Elizabeth Tapscott George Tapscott
Georgeanne Blankenship ?
John Lewus Hudgens James Hudgens
Elizabeth Susan Hudgens Elizabeth Gibson
Anna Durham Samuel Durham
Sally Reed



Gen 10 James Akin Sarah
Birth 1631
Death 21 Apr 1712 - 1 Feb 1713 (W) Henrico Co VA 2 Feb 1713/4 - 7 Aug 1714 (W) Henrico Co VA

Children of James and Sarah


Wills and land records


Gen 11 Ralph Blankenship1 Martha Stanley
Birth 22 Jul 1632 Whickham, Durham, Eng 1634 England
Death 1720 Roxdale, Henrico Co VA   VA
Gen 10 Ralph Blankenship1 Martha ?Clay ?Hudson
Birth ca 1662 Roxdale, Henrico, VA
Death by 5 Apr 1714 Roxdale, Henrico Co VA 7 Aug 1727 (W) Henrico Co VA
Parents Ralph Blankenship      

Ralph Blankenship Inventory

Gen 9 Ralph Blankenship Elizabeth ?Hudson
Birth ca 1700 Henrico Co VA
Death after 20 Dec 1754 (W) Oct 1758 Roxdale Chesterfield Co VA
Parents Ralph Blankenship Martha ?William Hudson ?Elizabeth Bond

Ralph Blankenship Jr Inventory

Gen 8 Ralph Blankenship Edith Nunnally
Birth 1732 Chesterfield Co VA 1740
Death 20 Oct 1758 (W) - 14 Apr 1759 (I) Chesterfield Co VA May 1793
Parents Ralph Blankenship Elizabeth Hudson Walter Nunally Priscilla Womack

Children of Ralph1 and Edith

Children of Edith and her second husband Gregory Grant2 Comments
Gen 7 Gad/Gideon Blankenship Sarah ?Nunnalley
Birth ca 1755 Chesterfield Co VA
Death by Jul 1802 Buckingham Co VA after 1820
Parents Ralph Blankenship Edith Nunalley ?John Nunnalley ?Ellinor

Children of Gad and Sarah


Chesterfield Co VA

Buckingham Co VA
Gen 6 John N. Blankenship Elizabeth Tapscott
Birth ca 1784 Chesterfield Co VA
Death by 10 Nov 1834 Robertson Co TN
Parents Gad Blankenship Sarah Nunnally George Tapscott
Misc. Farmer

Children of John and Elizabeth

Davidson Robertson Cheatham Montgomery
Gen 5 Rev.William Harvey Blankenship Elizabeth Susan Hudgens
Birth 19 Jun 1823 NashvilleTN 23 Apr 1823 TN
Death 14 Jun 1879 typhoid Crainville, Williamson Co IL 10 Nov 1875 Williamson Co IL
Burial Gentry Cem Williamson Co IL Gentry Cem Williamson Co IL
Parents John N Blankenship
Elizabeth Tapscott William Louis Hudgens Annie Durham
Misc. Minister, carpenter Free Will Baptist
Marriage 19 Aug 1842  

Rev William H married wife Sarah E. Martin ( b. 1834-7) 17 Dec 1876 . His obituary is listed 19 Jun 1879.


Photos of the William Harvey Blankenship Family


Tennessee -Cheatham



Gen John Colclough Hannah Chapman
Birth       Westmoreland County, VA
Death 13 Jan 1701/02 Stafford County, VA 12 Mar 1700/01 Stafford County, VA

Gen Benjamin Colclough Rachel
Birth     ca 1678  
Death Bef 11 Apr 1722  St. Paul's Parish, Stafford County, VA 25 Dec 1748  
Parents John Colclough Hannah Chapman    


Gen Thomas Durham Dorothy ?Gilbert ?Smute/Smoot
Birth 6 Mar 1659/60 Port Royal, Bermuda, West Indies or Farnham    
Death Bef 30 May 1715  North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, VA    
Parents     ?James Gilbert ?William Smute ?Mary Smoote ?Jane Smoot
Gen Samuel Durham Mary Riggan / Regan / Regon
Birth   North Farnham Parish, Old Rappahannock County, VA 28 Aug 1683 Nanjemoy, Charles County, MD
Death 23 Nov 1735 St Paul's Parish, Stafford County, VA    
Parents     James Regan d. 10 Dec 1696 Nanjemoy, Charles County, MD Joan
Gen William Durham Margaret Colclough
Birth 1715 Stafford County, VA   St. Paul's Parish, Stafford County, VA
Death Aug 1793 (P) Warren County, NC ca 1780 Warren County, NC
Parents     Benjamin Colclough Rachel
Marriage 10 Nov 1737 St Paul's Parish, Stafford County, VA    


Gen Samuel Durham Sally Reed
Birth 1760 NC 1770-1780 NC
Death after 1850 Robertson TN after 1850 Robertson TN
Parents William Durham Margaret Colclough    
Marriage 24 Dec 1796 Warren NC Bondsman Joseph Johnson witness S Green



Gen 9 Robert Hudgens Martha Parker
Death     Robert Parker Margaret
Gen 8 James Hudgens Sr Phoebe
Birth 1743 Cumberland Co.Va ca 1750  
Death 20 Dec 1814 Robertson Co.TN    
Parents ??? ???    

by Phoebe

by Susanna Miles


Gen 7 James Hudgens Jr Elizabeth Gibson
Birth 1773 Cumberland Co., VA ca 1775 VA
Death by 22 Nov 1858 Cheatham Co.TN ca 1860 Cheatham Co.TN
Parents James Hudgens
Phoebe James Gibson Mary Ruth Eastep(t)


Gen 6 William Louis Hudgens Anna Durham
Birth 30 Jan 1797 Cumberland Co., VA 8 OCT 1803 NC
Death 1865 Williamson Co. Il 29 APR 1887 Williamson Co IL
Burial Maplewood Cem Williamson Co IL Harmony Free Will Baptish Church Cem Williamson Co IL
Parents James Hudgens
Elizabeth Gibson Samuel Durham Sally Reed

Nunnally Nunnalee many spellings

Gen 11 Daniel Nunnally Elizabeth
Death by 1689 Charles City Co VA

Children of Daniel and Eliabeth

Gen 10 Richard Nunnally Sarah Akin
Death 29 Mar 1722 - 3 Jul 1727 (W) Henrico Co VA
Parents Daniel Nunnally Elizabeth James Akin Sarah

Children of Richard and Sarah


Richard Nunnally Will

Line 1:

Gen 9 Walter Nunnally Priscilla Womack
Death 1784 Chesterfield Co VA
Parents Richard Nunnally Sarah Atkin William Womack Susanna Trent

Children of Walter and Priscilla


Line 2:

Gen 9 John Nunnally Martha Curtis
Death 19 Oct 1765 - 6 Jun 1766 Chesterfield Co VA
Parents Richard Nunnally Sarah Atkin John Curtis Mary

Children of John and Martha Gates1

Children of John and Martha Curtis2


John Nunally Will

Gen 8 John Nunnally Elliner?Branch
Death 1805 Buckingham Co VA
Parents John Nunnally Martha

Children of John and Elliner




Gen 9 Thomas Parker Elinor
Death by 10 Mar 1687      


Gen 9 Robert Parker Margaret
Death by 1731      



Gen 12 John Puckett Anne ?Jeffreys
Birth ca 1619 or 1620 ? City of Oxford or ? Dorchester England ca 1628
Death by 1 Aug 1677 Henrico Co VA 29 May 1679 Henrico Co VA

Children of John and Anne


Puckett Docunets


Gen 12 Henry Sherman Cicely/Sisly
Death 2 Sep 1695 - 1 Oct 1695 (W) Henrico Co VA 29 Jan - 1 Feb 1702/3 (W) Henrico Co VA

Children of Henry and Cicely



Gen 9 Henry Tapscott Ann Edney
Birth 24 Aug 1685 England probably Somerset or Devon Northumberland County VA ca 1688-95
Death 12 Apr 1727 Buckingham County VA 1772 or later
Parents     James Edney d.1698 ? Chowder
Marriage 1710-1711      


Gen 8 James Tapscott a Conway
Birth ca 1722 Northumberland County VA
Death ca Dec 1769 to Jan 1770 Buckingham County VA by 1769
Parents Henry Tapscott Ann Edney George Conway Ann


Gen 7 George Tapscott ?Conway or ?Betty Hill
Birth ca 1749-1756 Northumberland County VA
Death ca 1787 Buckingham County VA  
Parents James Tapscott Conway    




Gen 11 Henry Trent1 Elizabeth Sherman
Birth ca 1642 ca 1656-7
Death 8 Jan 1700 - 1 Apr 1701 (W) Varina Parish Henrico Co VA 18 Jan 1731 - 2 Oct 1732 (W) Henrico Parish Henrico Co VA
Parents Henry Sherman Cicely

Children of Henry and Elizabeth



Gen 12 William Womack2 Mary Jane
Death ca 1674

Children of William and Mary Jane

Gen 11 Richard Womack1 Mary Puckett
Birth ca 1655 Henrico Co VA ca 1656
Death by 9 Aug 1684 ca 1692
Parents ? William Womack ?Mary Jane Allen (widow) John I Puckett Ann Jeffreys

Children of Richard and Mary


Richard Womack Inventory

Gen 10 William Womack1 Susanna Trent
Birth ca 1679 Henrico Co VA after 1686 Henrico Co VA
Death 14 May 1718 - 1 Sep 1718 (W) Henrico Co VA after 1731 Henrico Co VA
Parents Richard Womack Mary Puckett Henry Trent Elizabeth Sherman

Children of William and Susanna

  • Susannah Womack b. 1708-1718
  • Phebe Womack b. 1708-1718
  • Priscilla Womack b. 1708-1718 m. Walter Nunnally
  • Andria Womack b. 1708-1718
  • Henry Womack b. 1708-1718
  • Susannah married second Daniel Nunnary
  • Henrico County Rent Roll - April 1705 - 100 acres
  • 16 Aug 1715 he got 950 Acres adjacent John Woodson over against Manakin Town for the transportation of 19 people
  • children named in his will pg 371 In ye name of God Amen. I, William Womack of Bristol parish in ye County of Henrico do make & declare this my last will & testament In manner & forme following, that is to say. First I beqth my soule to Almighty God believing remission of sins & everlasting life by ye merits[of] death & passion of[for] Jesus Christ my lord & lonely savior.

William Womack Will